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Brokeback Mountain no se estrenará en Oriente Medio por la censura

La oscarizada película Brokeback Mountain, que gira en torno a la historia de amor entre dos cowboys homosexuales, no se estrenará en Oriente Medio porque los distribuidores consideran que en la mayoría de países sería rechazada por la censura, y no creen que valga la pena estrenarlo en sólo uno o dos mercados del Golfo. Van a perderse una buena película, y todo por la "extrema sensibilidad" de los gobernantes, que no de todos los gobernados.

Bosses at Italia Film said it was not worth trying to sell the film in the Middle East because it was likely to pass censorship in too few countries.

John Chahine, Italia Film's General Manager in Dubai, said the final decision not to bring the film to the region was taken this week.

He added: "It will not play anywhere in the Gulf. Italia Film has finally decided that. Because of the subject of the film, it would be rejected in most countries and it's not feasible to release it in just one or two markets.

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